Member Spotlight

ERCC Member Spotlight logoThe member spotlight was created to give members an opportunity to showcase themselves to their fellow Chamber members and to the community.  The business that wins the member spotlight will be featured for one month on our Weekly eVents emails, the Chamber’s website, and in our new, quarterly newsletter Crossroads.


  Kodie Jensen, UFC Gym    

What is your position with UFC Gym and how long have your worked for UFC Gym?

  • Assistant General Manager, and have been here for 5 monthsIn a nutshell, what does UFC Gym provide its customers? How would you describe UFC Gym to a potential client?

In a nutshell, what does UFC Gym provide its customers?  How would you describe UFC Gym to a potential client? 

  • The UFC gym provides a unique experience in fitness that combines strength training, aerobic exercise, martial arts, nutrition, and circuit training through our signature classes.

Tell us about UFC Gym’s history and any unique facts.  What makes UFC Gym stand out from others?

  • We have been here in exton for five years. We are affiliated with the UFC which was founded in 1993.

What do you do to serve your clients best?  

  • Our motto is to train different. What that means is that we provide experiences that are unique to us, in our world class fitness classes, and our high level coaches in jiu jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, and fitness.

What are your proudest accomplishments?

  • I am proud of every member or client that works hard and achieves their goals with us.

Why is UFC Gym a member of the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce?

  • We are a member of the chamber of commerce because we want to spread awareness on the importance of fitness, and show the region that we do things differently here than what you will find anywhere in the area.